Outdoor space to be revitalised at Willowbrook Shopping Centre

10 March 2017

Improvements to the outside space at a shopping centre in Bradley Stoke are due to take place after a trio of independent experts advised removing and replacing a collection of dying and unhealthy trees.

Tree surgeons were called to Willowbrook Shopping Centre to assess around a dozen trees on site and described them as ‘dehydrated, undernourished and in a poor way’.

They went on to suggest that they were removed and if possible, replanted elsewhere.

Manager of Willowbrook Shopping Centre, Andy Wynn, said: “We were reassured by the contractor that if the Rowan trees could be saved and moved elsewhere on site then they would do everything in their power to do so.

“They also explained they could not guarantee the survival of the trees due to the stress they were under and where the roots had grown. These factors led us to act on the advice of the experts and cut the trees down.”

The removal of the trees is in line with a series of improvements due to take place, which includes the planting of 28 Oriental Pear trees, the tidying and fertilisation of almost 100 trees around the car park, 50 new bushes being placed in planters, and the creation of 12 small paved walkways to ensure visitors do not trample plant life as had previously been the case.

In the past three years, three different private contractors each suggested the Rowan trees were removed from the shopping centre car park due to poor health.

The decision has attracted some attention as several waxwing birds, not usually found in this part of the UK, had taken up residence in the trees.

Andy said: “We fully appreciate it is a disappointment to cut down the trees, and therefore the habitat of these birds, however, given the condition of the Rowans we were left with no option but to remove them.”

The Rowans had been struggling to thrive as the square planters they were in were too small for them to grow healthily.

Further questions and concerns can be directed to Andy Wynn info@willowbrookcentre.co.uk

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